Secure timestamping

Just stumbled upon the project while looking for something. Is that something of interest to you? I work in related areas. Happy to collaborate.


Yes, it surely is. But can time-sync be done securely in byzantine environments with granularity in millisecs?

I am working on an extension of this paper:

Primarily, the problems to be solved are:

  1. Restricting software access to the timer
  2. Ensuring that the OS scheduler cant prevent time-update related processes from advancing
  3. Ensuring the OS or routers can’t delay network packets

Interesting! Will go through the linked paper. Essentially, we had arrived at a similar conclusion when we had gone through SGX based approaches primarily the ability of a malicious actor to add arbitrary delays before passing network packets to the TEE negating the benefits of the latter (which seemed unsolvable in our opinion).

@Prateek was once looking at it.

There are some relevant thread on ethresearch that you might want to check:


Thanks for sharing!

@prateek @vunguyen The service provider model mentioned in the first link seems interesting for the cluster-based approach.

Might as well add