Routing protocol: ODSBR

Introducing the first post in a series dedicated to byzantine-resistant networking protocols:

Blockchains are p2p networks where bandwidth of untrusted miners and full nodes is used to propagate information through the network to keep it in sync. P2P networks have always been susceptible to a range of attacks (dos, eclipse, sybil, routing etc) due to their open nature. The quantum of value stored in blockchains make them an unique target. The networking stack using gossip introduced by satoshi has been the defacto networking standard for next-gen blockchains.

At Marlin, we are working on optimizing p2p networks for performance, reliability and bandwidth overhead. An area that bears a great amount of similarity is wireless sensor networks - WSN (byzantine environments, low latency requirements, reliability in face of disasters, power constraints demanding low overheads).

In this series, we introduce research insights from WSN that we feel align with the goals of the blockchain community to develop higher throughput and safer systems.

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to discuss below.

Nice summary. Thanks for sharing. Would love to see more relevant posts.