Do layer 0 scaling solutions or relay networks compromise with the use of Tor?

23% of Bitcoin nodes run behind Tor. I assume aware users of any popular blockchain using it for its censorship resistance/trustlessness would like to remain anonymous. Do layer-0 scaling solutions compromise with anonymity by making usage of such high latency networks infeasible?

23% seems quite a bit. Mind sharing where you got that statistic from? Also, anonymity requirements differ for different participants - people who primarily want to make transactions, people who run full nodes or miners.

The figure is from TBH, even I’m surprised. Would have expected it to be in the ~5% ballpark.

I’m interested in all kinds of participants - proper functioning of a blockchain using a layer 0 scaling solution would require all participants to be in sync and each one of them could be vulnerable to deanonymization.

Well, for those who simply want to make transactions and are using light clients, they can directly connect to the wallet server or any full node via Tor. Doubt latency is an obstruction there.

In case of a full node, just rent a VPS in a country that doesn’t sanction the relevant blockchain’s users?

And what about miners?

Also, what if all countries ban the blockchain?

Not certain. Will get back if I can think of something.

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If the miner is only a hasher, he could simply get the relevant data from the mining pool server and use an anonymity network to communicate to it.

If he wishes to mine with thorough verification of blocks and transactions, he can run a full node elsewhere as Chris suggested and connect to it over an encrypted channel.

Also, miners are usually identified due to the voltage spikes they cause in the electricity grid which anonymity networks can’t address.

If all countries ban that particular blockchain, how will even Tor exit nodes access it safely?